LODGERS – Series 1 – Episode 2

LODGERS – Series 1 – Episode 2

‘LODGERS’ is a weekly television program that highlights many areas of our amazing school, including student achievements, programs, special events and much more.
Every Thursday, a new episode will drop on our website and school Vimeo page. Here is the link to today’s show: https://vimeo.com/239918555

We would ❤️ you to visit our #Vimeo page and leave us a comment under each week’s episode or here on this Learning with Digital Technology blog.

Here is a synoptic overview of this week’s episode: LODGERS – Series 1 – Episode 2.

In this week’s episode of LODGERS, we visit the school’s community garden, we have a sneak-preview of Mrs Montgomery’s 97.7FM Casey Radio interview (pertaining to Wakakirri) and visit the Grade 1 and 2 students during their coding/robotics lessons with Mr Rob Kelly.

Until next time – keep learning for life!

LODGERS – Series 1 – Episode 2 from Berwick Lodge Primary School on Vimeo.

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