LODGERS – Series 1 – Episode 2 – A SINGLE SEED

Welcome to LODGERS – Berwick Lodge Primary School’s very own television show.
Berwick Lodge Primary School is a busy place. From Prep to Grade 6, the students are always learning for life!

‘LODGERS’ is a weekly television program that highlights many areas of our amazing school, including student achievements, programs, special events and much more.
Every Thursday, a new episode will drop on our website and school Vimeo page. Here is the link to today’s show: https://vimeo.com/239918555

We would ❤️ you to visit our #Vimeo page and leave us a comment under each week’s episode or here on this Learning with Digital Technology blog.

Here is a synoptic overview of this week’s episode: LODGERS – Series 1 – Episode 2.

In this week’s episode of LODGERS, we visit the school’s community garden, we have a sneak-preview of Mrs Montgomery’s 97.7FM Casey Radio interview (pertaining to Wakakirri) and visit the Grade 1 and 2 students during their coding/robotics lessons with Mr Rob Kelly.

Until next time – keep learning for life!

LODGERS – Series 1 – Episode 2 from Berwick Lodge Primary School on Vimeo.

10 thoughts on “LODGERS – Series 1 – Episode 2 – A SINGLE SEED

  1. Another episode. It was wonderful to see some of our students from Gr 2FS! We also loved the background music which was very catchy and the graphics were catchy too!
    Well done, Gr 2FS loved episode 2!

  2. Thank you Mr Kelly for making a amazing show! We really enjoyed it. – Louis PT
    I liked seeing when the Grade 6 buddies were talking! – Liam
    We liked watching our friend Ruby on TV. We like how she is dancing fast and we always laugh at that part. – Anastasija
    I hope we get to do more Coding and Robotics when we are in Grade 1 – Jennifer
    I really liked Wakakirri. I saw my buddy on the TV. It as really sad but also a little bit happy. It made me feel good when I watched it. – Sophie.

    1. Thank you for watching our second episode Prep T. We very much appreciate it. Thank you to Louis, Liam, Anastasija, Jennifer and Sophie. 🙂

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