LODGERS PODCAST – Series 1 – Episode 1

Welcome to the LODGERS PODCAST – Berwick Lodge Primary School’s very own podcast series.
Berwick Lodge Primary School is a busy place. From Prep to Grade 6, the students are always learning for life!

“In this inaugural episode of the LODGERS PODCAST, we chat to the senior school students about their trip to ScienceWorks, we talk to the State School Spectacular students and we hear from a very special guest.”

Until next time, keep LEARNING FOR LIFE! 🙂

The special guest for our inaugural podcast is the voice of Ash Ketchum from the Pokémon anime television series for the first eight seasons! Veronica Taylor loves our show and sent us a special message while on holiday in Egypt. You can see the video on our LWDT BLOG, too.

Production Notes:

The LODGERS PODCAST is narrated by Rob Jenkins and executively produced by Rob Kelly.

The program producers are Brianna S and Lowan M.

(To view the accompanying video of our special guest, please visit vimeo.com/259778957)

You can also download the episode from PODOMATIC – http://lodgerspodcast.podomatic.com/. 

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  1. Lowan M says: Reply

    Yes, I agree with Brianna! VERONICA TAYLOR better known as ASH KETCHUM from Pokémon on the show is like AHHHHHHHHH! I personally think that this was a great podcast!

  2. brianna says: Reply

    I also think it is amazing that we got Ash Ketchum on the podcast!!!!!

  3. Holly says: Reply

    I think it is amazing that we have Ash Ketchum on our podcast! I can’t wait to hear what other special guests we have on our podcasts.

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