Coding with Arduino UNO

In our STEM extension learning class this week, the G4 students learnt how to program an Arduino UNO. The students programmed their own servo motors and wrote a script using the Arduino coding software.

Check out the video below for a quick glimpse at what the students were learning about, today.

Movie on 24-4-18 at 10.13 am-23hr232

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  1. Ethan says: Reply

    Today we learnt with a arduino board. We had to look for a code.

  2. Mehran says: Reply

    In today’s lesson, we learnt about coding with Arduino.

  3. Jeb says: Reply

    Today, we learnt how to use an Arduino board. We looked for a code online and found one, but when we looked at the code it was for a different Arduino board.

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