LODGERS – Series 2 – Episode 4 – TO BUNJIL AND BEYOND

Welcome to LODGERS – Berwick Lodge Primary School’s very own television show.
Berwick Lodge Primary School is a busy place. From Prep to Grade 6, the students are always learning for life!

“In this week’s episode of LODGERS, we talk to the students participating in the 2018 RoboCup challenge, we look ahead to the Grade 5 and 6 camps and we visit the forest classroom.”

Until next time – keep learning for life!

Show Notes:
LODGERS – Series 2 – Episode 4 was recorded between the 29th of April and 10th of May, 2018. The episode was promoted via Berwick Lodge Primary School’s Facebook/Twitter pages @berwicklodgeps and on the school’s website at berwicklodgeps.vic.edu.au/.
The episode was narrated by British radio presenter and voice-over artist Rob Jenkins. It was produced by the Berwick Lodge ICT captains Lowan and Brianna. The Director was Berwick Lodge’s Digital Technologies Teacher and Co-ordinator Rob Kelly.

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  1. Michele Tan says: Reply

    Hi Mr Kelly,

    Thank you for another great episode of Lodgers!
    Here are some comments from Prep T!

    From Abigail – We really love seeing ourselves walking from the Library.
    From Isa – Did you like the picture I made for you in the Art Room?
    From Josh – I saw you in the Library.
    From Kallan – I really liked hearing about the people talking about camp.
    From Luka – I liked seeing George.
    From Ashley – I liked all of it.
    From Cade – I liked the speeches.
    From Ryan – Where did you get the robot parts from?

    We love you Mr Kelly (Jayden). We thought that Lodgers was lovely (Ava).

    1. Wow! Thanks Miss Tan and Prep T. Your feedback is much appreciated. I love all the comments! Some of them made me laugh, too. 🙂

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