LODGERS – Series 2 – Episode 6 – SAVED BY THE BELL

Welcome to LODGERS – Berwick Lodge Primary School’s very own television show.
Berwick Lodge Primary School is a busy place. From Prep to Grade 6, the students are always learning for life! There are many exciting things happening at the school and it is always bursting with energy, enthusiasm and fun!

“In this final episode of LODGERS – Series 2, we visit our RoboCup Junior Australia students at the RCJA regional competition in Ballarat, we cheer on our grown-up LODGERS at their recent netball grand final and we are visited by a very special returning guest.”

Until next time – keep learning for life!

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  1. Michele Tan says: Reply

    Hi Mr Kelly!

    We just finished watching the episode with our buddies. It was awesome. Here are some comments from us!
    Maddy – Well done Mr Kelly for all your great filming.
    Puneet – The episodes are always fun.
    Rune – You’re like a ninja taking all this footage around the school. Some of us don’t even know you’re doing it!
    Kallan – We like your computer room.
    Ava – I love the video.

    Thanks Mr Kelly for another great semester’s worth of work. You are amazing and we love watching Lodgers!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!!

    From Prep T and their Grade 6 buddies. (Mainly from 6M and 6C)

    PS Judd says, it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hi there Prep T and Grade 6 buddies,

      Thank you for watching the episode. I really enjoyed reading your comments. Thank you for the great feedback. 🙂

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