The Art of Creating Radio

In the 21st Century, most schools have a radio show program of some kind. Whether it is a podcast or a direct MP3 download from a school website, it’s an audio eLearning program that is gathering more and more momentum in schools.

At Berwick Lodge Primary School, senior school students have been writing scripts and producing radio show programs for nearly 20 years.

The Berwick Lodge Student Show (formerly known as The Student Hour) is broadcast on 97.7FM Casey Radio every Wednesday from 2pm – 3pm. It is also streamed on Casey Radio’s website and podcasted via Soundcloud.

The radio show program requires students to write their own scripts, interview amazing guests, choose and play music and review books and films. Everyone has a great time and it’s a great way to develop student agency and voice. For teachers, it’s a good way to evaluate a student’s speaking and listening skills, too.

If you would like to start a radio show program at your school or help your students write a script, click on the infographic (left) for some ideas about the art of creating radio.

Once the students have completed writing, recording and broadcasting their radio show program, provide them with a Certificate of Participation, as a reminder of their time On Air. After all, how often do you get the chance to be on radio?

As a conclusion to the audio eLearning program, students should blog or write about the process. What did they learn from the experience? What would they do differently? What advice could they offer their peers about the process of producing a show?



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