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In August 2018, we surveyed 100 students from Berwick Lodge Primary School’s senior school about the type of social media they have/use at home. To some members of the school community, the results were surprising.

Not one student responded with ‘none’, so what does that tell us about the impact and/or influence social media has on the lives of our students?

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  1. Martin McGauran says: Reply

    Hi Rob, really interesting insights indeed. Social media use by primary school students is a curly topic. With all of these apps having 13+ as their core Terms of Service, do you believe these apps are being used with or without parental consent? Ie. Are parents consenting to students lying about their age online?

    1. Hi there Martin,
      Thank you for your reply. 🙂

      The answer to your question is – as you write – a curly topic. Unfortunately, some students sign-up to Instagram, Snapchat,, etc without parental consent. Students often use their school e-mail account to sign-up with social media accounts. We are always monitoring and disabling accounts because of this. 🙁 I speak with students across the school about the subject and about eSafety. I talk about what apps/games they should or shouldn’t be using. Many choose to ignore my recommendations – often regrettably.

      There are parents who allow their children to use social media to stay in touch with friends or relatives. Despite my warnings (and the age appropriate recommendations of the app), they often choose to ignore me, too. 🙁 Regrettably.

      Rob Kelly

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