6 Simple Steps to Make a Film

With the global technological revolution of the early 21st Century, digital technology has now reached an all time high. What was once considered an impossibility, is now very much a reality.

One form of technology that has become widely affordable for schools within the last decade is film-making equipment. In 2019, smartphones, tablets and iPads have the ability to record high definition video which was once limited to film houses and television studios.

At Berwick Lodge Primary School, the senior school students, along with their teachers, have been creating class films for an annual film festival since 2010.

The film festival is a celebration of performing arts, storytelling and film-making skills, but before the advent of iPads and affordable editing software, creating a film festival was a technical and financial impossibility for the school. However, in 2010 that changed when the school purchased their first set of iPads and Apple computer. Since then, the school’s film festival has grown and is an important date on the school calendar.

If you would like to make your own film have a look at the infographic (right) for 6 simple steps to make a film.



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