Writing a Radio Show Script for 97.7FM Casey Radio

This in an online guide to help you write a 60 minute Radio Show script for our 97.7FM Casey Radio ‘Student Hour’ program (broadcast on Wednesday afternoon’s from 2.oopm to 3.oopm).

A radio show script should be educational, informative and entertaining. Each segment of the script should be planned and researched before the script writing begins.

  1. Introductions (300 – 350 words)

Every student has the opportunity to introduce themselves. The introductions can be about their school life, family life and hobbies.

Song (?) /Ad (30 seconds)

  1. Berwick Lodge News Segment (500 words)

This segment should highlight important events happening at Berwick Lodge during the program’s week of broadcast. The segment may include a celebratory birthday shout-out, sporting achievement or performing arts highlight, etc.

Song (?) /Ad (30 seconds)

  1. Informational Segment (1000 words)

This segment should be thought of as an ‘info-ad‘ about a national or world event. Ideally, the event should be on during the week of the program’s broadcast. For example, if it was the week of Jan 26th – the segment could be about Australia Day.

Song (?) /Ad (30 seconds)

  1. Book/Film Review Segment (1000 words)

This segment is self-explanatory. It’s time devoted to a review of a book or film.

Song (?) /Ad (30 seconds)

  1. Interview (1000 – 1500 words)

Every radio show should have an interview. These interviews can be with staff or students or celebrities or VIP visitors. In previous years, the students have interviewed many famous and important people including Mac Horton, Tony Abbott and even Henry Grossek. Each set of interview questions should have 15 – 20 questions.

Song (?) /Ad (30 seconds)

  1. Quiz Segment (1000 words)

This segment of the program involves the students quizzing each other about recent world news and current affairs.

Song (?) /Ad (30 seconds)

  1. Conclusions (200 words)

This segment of the program wraps-up the show. Goodbye and shout-outs.

Song (?) /Ad (30 seconds)