Rob Kelly’s Lego NXT + EV3 ‘SAFE CAR’ Development Task: Grade 5 Lessons

Learning in Digital Technologies for Level 5/6 focuses on further developing understanding and skills in computational thinking such as identifying similarities in different problems and describing smaller components of complex systems. It also focuses on the sustainability of information systems for current and future uses.
If you love working with Lego and have access to a Lego Mindstorm kit (and enjoy learning to code) – this is for you.
Lego NXT + EV3 ‘SAFE CAR’ Development Task
What do I have to do?

Task: Research, design and develop a safe vehicle for the roads around your house.

  • The vehicle must be original in concept and design. It must be built and programmed using NXT coding software.
  • The vehicle must move in all directions, and use a range of sensors to help make it a safe vehicle on the roads. For information about NXT sensors see this address:
As a guide to help you understand the expectations of this task, download and print the PDF rubric below.
Students are given three 60 minute lessons to complete the Lego NXT ‘SAFE CAR’ development task .
Lesson Structure 
  • Lesson 1: Research and design your vehicle. Use Google Docs to record your research, sketches and notes. Think about the questions: “What would a safe car look like?” “What senors and design elements could I include on my vehicle to make it safe on the road?”
  • Lesson 2: Using the available Lego, start building your vehicle.
  • Lesson 3: Using the NXT software, start programming and coding your vehicle’s movements and sensors. Remember to ensure that the sensors you use on your vehicle have a rationale behind their inclusion on the vehicle. 
  • Lesson 4: Continue to program and code your vehicle’s movements and sensors.
  • Lesson 5: Check to ensure you have completed all the building and coding. Test the vehicle to ensure it performs as it needs to for the assessment in the following lesson. (Assessment rubric can be found here: Lego NXT + EV3 ‘SAFE CAR_ Development Task Assessment Rubric For Teachers).
  • Lesson 6: Assessment and Feedback.
Need help programming your vehicle? This video will help you.

This short robotics program was designed for Grade 5 students participating in robotics classes at Berwick Lodge Primary School. Feel free to use it/adapt it to suit your needs.  
Created by Rob Kelly