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STEM Extension Learning 2018


Grade 4

In Semester 1, our Grade 4 students have been working with George Spiridis on a series of STEM related projects.

The STEM projects have seen students create all sorts of cool things from micro-controllers to 3D printed robots. By using engineering concepts and principles, the students have built and coded electronic components for robots and have used open source coding software to program the robot, too. By doing this, the students are learning to use multiplicative thinking skills and are developing an understanding of the integration of how science (ie. electrical energy and electrical components, gears, ratio, forces, etc), technology (all encompassing tools, resources and equipment), engineering (using correct procedures, methods, and tolerances, etc) and mathematics (measuring, cutting, formulas, binary code, etc) work together to improve a student’s understanding of what STEM is.

Grade 5

In Semester 1 2018, the Grade 5 students used micro-controllers (i.e Picaxe and Arduino UNO boards) to build, code and control their own 3D printed robots. This task was followed by some students taking part in the RoboCup Junior Australia competition with Mr Kelly and Miss Tan. The other students spent time with George preparing 3D printed components for their robots. (They removed support and raft material and used engineering concepts and principles to assemble the robot.)

In Semester 2, the students are continuing to create their final robot and participate in the RCJA competition.

Grade 6

In Semester 1, the Grade 6 students had prior knowledge of the STEM extension learning program (as they were part of the pilot program in 2017). Since then the students have built on their prior knowledge and understanding of how to construct a 3D printed ‘walking’ robot. They worked on developing their STEM skills with George and learnt how each STEM discipline works in conjunction with the others. They were also taught how STEM can be integrated into all aspects of life on Earth.

At the end of the first semester, the students took part in the RoboCup Junior Australia competition to hone their skills and understanding of the STEM disciplines.

The learning continues…

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