LODGERS – Series 3 – Episode 2 – STEM, CAMP and BOOKS

Every week, Berwick Lodge Primary School’s Multimedia teacher Rob Kelly creates an online television series for his school called LODGERS. He is given amazing support by his ICT captains who capture much of the footage you see in the episode. To check out the show, have a look at the link below.

Welcome to LODGERS – Berwick Lodge Primary School’s very own television show. Berwick Lodge Primary School is a busy place. From Prep to Grade 6, the students are always Learning for Life!

In this episode of LODGERS, we visit our students in the Berwick Lodge Primary School STEM program, we chat to our Grade 4 students about their upcoming camp and call into the library.

Show Notes: LODGERS – Series 3 – Episode 2 was recorded between Thursday, 10th October and Wednesday, 17 October 2019. The episode was promoted via Berwick Lodge Primary School’s Facebook/Twitter pages @berwicklodgeps and on the school’s website at berwicklodgeps.vic.edu.au/. The episode was narrated by British radio presenter and voice-over artist Rob Jenkins. It was produced by the Berwick Lodge ICT captains Sophia and Nathan.
Directed by Rob Kelly @robkellytweets.

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