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For many teachers and students around the globe, Google Classroom is being used as a teaching and learning management tool. Every week, new and exciting activities are being posted by teachers and completed by their students remotely. It’s not easy, but thanks to the magic of technology everyone can continue to teach and learn.

This week’s whole school LWDT activity is about reflection. We would love your feedback about Google Classroom. As always, we love positive feedback, but if you think there are areas that need improving, let us know in the comment box below.


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  1. Beau says: Reply

    Google Classroom has been great so far. I have only had a few problems, and when I ran into those problems I could just ask my teacher and she would answer me within 10 minutes. I think at the start of online learning It was a little bit awkward, but Google Classroom has made it a lot easier to do school work during isolation.

    1. Legend Beau. 👍🏻 Thanks for the great feedback. ☺️ I hope you’re looking forward to coming back to school in a few weeks. 💁🏼‍♀️

  2. jeb says: Reply

    Hi Mr Kelly, I think google classroom is a great substitute for school and everything is very easy to get to but one thing that is annoying is that whenever I send something to the teacher and they mark as correct or whatever, it shows that I haven’t done it which got me in trouble with my mum because I did the work, but it showed I hadn’t. I can also talk easily to my friends and teachers and is really organised.

    1. Hmm, that’s an interesting glitch Jeb. 🧐 I’ll look into that one for you. 👍🏻 Many thanks for the feedback. 😃

  3. Reece says: Reply

    I like that I choose when to work but it would be easier to talk to a teacher and show my work instead of having to upload it.

    1. Great feedback Reece. ☺️ Thank you for completing the activity.

  4. Kirana says: Reply

    I think google classroom is fantastic, because I can easily see what Is the lesson for the day. I think fast I’m because I can talk to my friends and my teacher too. I also can easily send my finished work in google classroom.

    1. Thank you for providing such detailed and informative feedback Kirana. ☺️

  5. Sienna says: Reply

    I love watching the videos.

    1. Me too. 😁

  6. Ella says: Reply

    I like google classroom,but I wish I could see my teacher.

    1. Don’t worry Ella, we’re working on a solution to that. ☺️

  7. Lachlan says: Reply

    I think google classrooms would be better if we could see our friends.

    1. We’ve got a plan for that Lachlan, but thank you for your feedback. ☺️

  8. Thenuka says: Reply

    I really like google classroom there are many great things about the biggest thing is probably how easy it is to access my work.One feature I would like in google classroom would be to video call so then if 2 students have the same question they can just ask the teacher and the teachers can explain to us easier

    1. That’s a great idea Thenuka, but what would happen if more than two students had the same question? Imagine Google Classroom trying to process 25 -30 calls and requests to a teacher. If I had to do that my brain 🧠 would overload and then… explode. 🤯 Who would clean up the mess? 😂😂😂

      In all seriousness though, we’re working on a way for you to chat to your teacher face-to-face. ☺️

  9. Abigail says: Reply

    I really like google classroom because it is a fun new way of learning. As much as I would love to go back to school, google classroom is probably the closest we will get. Although I think it would be even better if we could go on video calls, that way we can all see each other.
    Overall, i think google classroom is a great way to learn, but video calls to see everyone in our class would helpful.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Abigail. ☺️ You make some great points.

  10. Elijah says: Reply

    Google class room has been very helpful for the past few weeks and has made our learning from home easier and safer for some people. As a reminder don’t use your google account for other websites that aren’t school related (that doesn’t mean you can sign up for every school related thing) and stay away from inappropriate or dangerous looking ads if you are not sure about if an ad is a virus or not ask a parent or guardian to have a look. Other wise keep learning for life!

    1. Elijah is in the house. 🥳 Thanks for the great feedback and for the eSafety tips, too. Can’t wait to see you back at school to continue your leadership position.

  11. Amelia says: Reply

    I think google classroom is a great tool to use while working from home. We can all understand our work from google classroom and we can communicate with our teachers if we need help. I also like that everything is in it’s own folder so everything is easy to access and nice and organised.

    1. Excellent feedback Amelia. ☺️

  12. Belinda says: Reply

    Google classroom has made learning remotely much easier than just getting a weekly study pack. It’s great to see live updates by all the classroom and specialist teachers in one place and easy to get feedback on work submitted. We enjoy seeing videos that teachers have made. It can be difficult to find things in the blog with each task being a new entry. Another issue is that it takes time to learn another new platform.

    1. Some great constructive feedback there Belinda, and it’s greatly appreciated. I’ll pass on your comments to Google via Twitter. ☺️

  13. Isla says: Reply

    I like google classrooms because I like watching the videos and playing the games that the
    teacher gets me to do.

    1. I love playing games, Isla. Which is your favourite? ☺️

  14. Deacon says: Reply

    Google classroom is good because it is simple and easy to use. It has what you need to do. It
    is also good because you get to do the roll for yourself and you also get to type messages to your
    friends. it is also good you get to do activities like math rapid recall and other fun stuff.
    mattific is also good in the same way as study ladder is.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Deacon. ☺️

  15. Madeleine van Breugel says: Reply

    I like google classroom because its nice and organized and its all just their and i also like having a day planner on what we have to do.I also don’t like it because if you need to take a picture and send it its very hard to actually send it.

    1. Thank you for the positive and constructive feedback Madeline. ☺️

  16. Faith says: Reply

    I really like google classroom. It is a really fun and easy program. I enjoy getting to use other google apps which i haven’t used before. Last of all i like the fact that you can say a quick hello to teachers and friends and can ask questions. Overall i really enjoy using google classroom.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Faith. ☺️

  17. Thiseni says: Reply

    I think Google Classroom is a great piece of technology that we can use during this time, but if I had the choice and we were allowed, then I would definitely rather be at school with my friends, Miss Mac and everybody at Berwick Lodge.
    Overall I think Google Classroom is a great way to stay connected and stay on task at home!

    1. I think Miss Mac would prefer to be teaching you face-to-face, too. ☺️ But, I’m sure she appreciates that you’re staying safe at home, Thiseni.

  18. Isaac says: Reply

    I love Google Classroom, it’s great. It’s amazing.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Isaac. ☺️

  19. Emily says: Reply

    I like Google Classroom because it let’s me keep in touch with my friends. I find it easy to write a timetable for what I need to do each day.

    1. Great feedback Emily. ☺️

  20. Milan says: Reply

    Google Classroom is a great tool to use in times like this, there is no problems with it at all.

    1. Thank you for your concise feedback, Milan. ☺️

  21. caity says: Reply

    I think Google Classroom is great but their is a little too much work. I’m not learning as much. I think it is a great experience.

    1. Definitely have a chat to your teacher if you think the workload is too much, Caity. I’m sure your teacher would be happy to give you some advice about how to manage your workload. ☺️

  22. Brody says: Reply

    GoogleClassroom is good for learning if you don’t come to school.

    1. Great feedback, Brody. ☺️

  23. ashden says: Reply

    At first GoogleClassroom was a bit confusing, but now we have been using it for a while it makes sense. It has been a great experience.

    1. As the old saying goes Ashden, ‘practice makes perfect’. ☺️

  24. Joalie says: Reply

    I love google classroom, it’s really easy to use once you get use to it, but there maybe a little to much work for me and I don’t have the time to finish it all under a week. Overall it’s a great idea for the students who are learning at home!

    1. Joalie, definitely send your teacher a message if you’re finding the work load too much. ☺️ Thanks for the great feedback.

  25. Brooke says: Reply

    Google classroom is awesome, the teachers tell us what to do and its all organised. There’s nothing to change about it.! 🙂

    1. Enough said, Brooke. 😁 Love your positivity.

  26. layla says: Reply

    its good because it easier to access work and talk to teachers

    1. Thank you for the feedback Layla. ☺️ If you could change one thing about the software, what would it be?

  27. Theo says: Reply

    google class room is a new thing for me but i’m getting use to using it and like it so far.

    1. Great to read Theo. ☺️

  28. Chris says: Reply

    I think that Google Classroom is Great! But when I was at home I didn’t learn as much and i don’t feel like i’m in school, but other than that I really like it. Its a really good idea to use Google Classrooms when your at home. We also can can connect to our friends!!

    1. Some great discussion points there, Chris. ☺️

  29. caitlin says: Reply

    Google classroom is really good so far I appreciate how hard you teachers have worked to set it up for us, but It just isn’t the same so it’s going to take a time for me to get used to.

    1. Caitlin, the fact you acknowledged the hard work your teacher put into creating your Google Classrooms is a testament to your good nature and kind heart. It’s definitely not the same as being in a real classroom, but it’s only a temporary thing. ☺️ I’m sure we’ll all be back at school again soon.

  30. Steph says: Reply

    Google Class Room- Steph K 5/6C
    I love using google class room and how it is so easy and clear to use. 🙂

    1. Great feedback Steph. ☺️

  31. Myla says: Reply

    google class room feed back Myla 5/6M
    i think that it was a really good idea from BLPS and that most students are enjoying this new way of learning.

    1. Thank you for your reply Myla. ☺️

  32. Steph says: Reply

    Google Class Room Feedback- Steph K 5/6 C
    I love how we are using google class room, how it is really clear of what we need to do. 🙂

    1. Thanks again Steph. 😜

  33. Scarlet says: Reply

    I love google classroom but it would be nice if we could face time our teachers or people from our year level.

    1. Scarlet, we’re working on some ideas. ☺️ Watch this space… well, not literally. You’ll be here for a long time and that wouldn’t be productive. 🤪 It’s a figure of speech.

  34. Jennifer says: Reply

    I just love everything about Google Classroom! There’s nothing I would change!

    1. Wow! That’s the most positive feedback I’ve read so far. ☺️ Thanks Jennifer.

  35. Connie says: Reply

    Google classroom feedback – From Oliver Prep
    I like seeing videos every day from my teacher and sharing videos and pictures with my class.
    I do miss being at school though as i like being at school learning with my friends and playing.

    Google classroom feedback from Connie – Oliver’s Mum
    Although we are in this unfortunate time, i think google classroom has been fantastic and that is a credit to our amazing teachers. The content is engaging, feedback is wonderful and as a mum i am finding it easy and so helpful. Of course i wont be teaching my son the way our teachers would be however i think its a great platform, easy to use and understand.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback Oliver and Connie. ☺️ I’ll pass this feedback on to our teachers and school leadership, as I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

  36. Aarav says: Reply

    To be honest, for the child’s sake the school is a lot better for education, but I guess it is better than nothing in these kind of circumstances but I personally think that school is funner and far more educational.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Aarav. ☺️ Who’s the funniest teacher at the school in your opinion?

  37. Callum says: Reply

    It’s a new concept to do our classes online. I really enjoy my parents being able to see what we learn and help when necessary.

    1. That’s great feedback, Callum. ☺️

  38. Ella says: Reply

    I think google classroom is great so we don’t have to do worksheets and we can communicate with the teachers very well. Also i think we should do a live face chat one a week so we can see our friends and teachers.!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. We’re working on something involving face-to-face communication, Ella. ☺️ Great feedback.

  39. Kobe Magdich says: Reply

    i like google classroom because it is a new experience for me. I enjoy being able to chat with my friends and its well organised and easy to use.

    1. Concise and constructive feedback, Kobe. ☺️

  40. tyson says: Reply

    i think google classroom is very good. I am enjoying using google classroom.

    1. Great feedback Tyson. ☺️

  41. Cooper says: Reply

    google classroom is good but students don’t learn as much on google classroom as they would in class and i understand that with the virus we cant be at school with our friends, but imagine if it was like this and school didn’t even exist we wouldn’t learn anything. that’s why our doctors and scientists need to find a cure for the virus!!! But i do understand it takes a while to come up with a cure for a virus but seriously they have met the virus before so i would’ve hoped that they new the cure but apparently not i was wrong and they are working as fast as they can but they are not working fast enough. Also i would suggest video class instead of google classroom because we can still connect with our friends!

    1. Thank you for your open letter Cooper. ☺️

  42. sabina says: Reply

    It’s good because we can see what we have done and what we haven’t done.

    1. Well, that’s very concise feedback Sabina. ☺️

  43. Rayhaan says: Reply

    Google Classroom Is Amazing And Really Unique But It Helps In A Lot Of Ways That Can Push Us To Be Our Best.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Rayhaan. ☺️

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