• FREE eSafety Poster

    Trying to find appropriate eSafety resources for your classroom can be hard. So, to make you life a little easier, here’s a free eSafety poster created by Rob Kelly to download, print and display in your classroom. 🙂 We would love to see where you put them. Send us a photo or tweet us @eduLWDT.

  • Benefits of Augmented Reality

    What better way is there to make learning more engaging than by using immersive technology in the classroom? Teachers that use augmented reality will help students to learn new things by enhancing their perception of reality. This infographic by Rob Kelly looks at some of the benefits of using AR in education.  The following Wakelet provides […]

  • Inquiry-based learning infographic

    Inquiry-based learning is an open-ended approach to teaching and learning. It primarily promotes problem-based learning (a student-centered pedagogy). The process allows learners to develop critical thinking skills, voice, agency, a growth-mindset, confidence and encourages inquisitive learning. Here’s an infographic we created for you to download and print.

  • Agency in Action

    Here are five different ways you can use multimedia tools/resources to demonstrate how you are developing, promoting and recording student agency and voice in your classroom. How do you use multimedia tools to develop, promote or record agency and voice in action in your classroom? Let us know in the comment box below.

  • Leading Student Action

    Promoting student agency and voice are essential for students to develop as life-long learners, but it is worth remembering that those skills should culminate in student action. Agency and voice work to empower students to be agents of change, but student action sees students achieving personal goals and targets, identifying and rectifying real-world issues that are important to them […]

  • 8 Teacher iPad Tech Tips

    In 2019, it is almost universally acknowledged that digital technology allows students to become more independent, engaged and self-sufficient learners in the classroom. As such, digital technology can have a transformative impact on educators in the classroom, too. If you’re a contemporary 21st-century teacher with access to a school managed digital device (such as an tablet or […]

  • Minecraft
  • The Benefits of Minecraft EE

    Using the education edition of Minecraft can be a lot of fun, but it’s important for students (and teachers) to understand that this version of the game is not just about escaping from zombies in survival mode or building/destroying random content in creative mode. This version of Minecraft is about learners developing their critical thinking […]

  • STEM
  • Teaching STEM in 5 STEPS

    Every dау tеасhеrѕ face сhоісеѕ аbоut how tо іmрlеmеnt thе сurrісulum in their classrooms, promote student agency/voice and engage learners in the classroom. Thоѕе choices аrе орроrtunіtіеѕ for tеасhеrѕ to еngаgе in еduсаtіоn rеfоrm thаt hаѕ a real іmрасt on the lives of their students. So, what better way to prepare students for the future […]

  • 6 Simple Steps to Make a Film

    With the global technological revolution of the early 21st Century, digital technology has now reached an all time high. What was once considered an impossibility, is now very much a reality. One form of technology that has become widely affordable for schools within the last decade is film-making equipment. In 2019, smartphones, tablets and iPads […]

  • eSafety
  • Social Media Survey

    In August 2018, we surveyed 100 students from Berwick Lodge Primary School’s senior school about the type of social media they have/use at home. To some members of the school community, the results were surprising. Not one student responded with ‘none’, so what does that tell us about the impact and/or influence social media has […]

  • Radio
  • The Art of Creating Radio

    In the 21st Century, most schools have a radio show program of some kind. Whether it is a podcast or a direct MP3 download from a school website, it’s an audio eLearning program that is gathering more and more momentum in schools. At Berwick Lodge Primary School, senior school students have been writing scripts and […]

  • RoboCup Junior Australia Competition

    On Wednesday, 6 June 2018 twelve students from Berwick Lodge Primary School participated in the RoboCup Junior Australia Victorian Regional Competition in Ballarat. As mentioned in our recent Lodgers Magazine, RoboCup Junior is a STEM and project-oriented educational initiative that promotes local, regional and international robotic events for students. The competition is designed to introduce […]


    It’s the end of May, but I’ve managed to squeeze another Lodgers Magazine into the month. Hope you enjoy having a flick through Issue 02.   Lodgers Magazine showcases many aspects of Berwick Lodge Primary School. From profiling programs and exciting learning opportunities to spotlighting student talent and achievement, this magazine will keep you learning for life. To […]